Our program offers full immersion classes for children ages 1-13 to learn the Spanish language through FLEXIBLE & FUN activities and full of SPANISH!!. Activities include arts and crafts activities, fun games, music/movement lessons, storytelling, literacy lessons, cooking lessons and cultural activities. Themes are sequential with constant review of vocabulary to ensure mastery and with an emphasis on oral comprehension and speaking skills. Student to teacher ratio is 4:1 and classes are limited to 8-10 students per class. Students receive a Binder /Folder/Home Organizer and CDs with all of the songs that they will learn during each session and access to online web-based programs to practice vocabulary at home.


Email us at info@allaboutspanish.org for more info.

Private Lessons are offered at home for families that have difficulties in attending one of our classes. We offer private lessons for individual students (Children and Adults) or we can offer private lessons for a small group of people. 



Our Early Childhood Program is designed for children who have basic knowledge of the Spanish language, but is also perfect for native Spanish speakers as it provides an opportunity for children to learn Spanish through the experiences presented in a typical childhood curriculum. Our lessons focus on readiness skills, pre-writing skills, social skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, socialization, thinking/problem solving skills and self-help skills. Curriculums used for our program that follows New York State preschool guidelines and common core standards are: ESTRELLITAS BILINGUAL READING PROGRAM, HANDWRITING WITHOUT TEARS AND HOUGHTON MIFFLIN PRE-K.

EARLY CHILDHOOD (2 Year Old Classes)     

Our 2-year old program  is designed to promote an atmosphere of development and equipped with all the things a two year old loves and needs to grow into a healthy and happy preschooler. The teachers of our 2-year olds are warm and caring, enabling each child to successfully transition into our daily classroom routine that stimulates their independence while still giving them the nurturing attention they need. Activities include:

• Group Time

• Music Time

• Art Time

• Play Time

• Story Time

• Gross/Fine Motor Activities

EARLY CHILDHOOD (3 Year Old Classes)     

Our 3-year-old curriculum focuses on socialization skills and an introduction to core learning concepts. In this class students develop fine motor skills to learn pre-writing skills, gross motor skills through dance, yoga and movement lessons; thinking and problem solving skills through hands on experiences and activities.

EARLY CHILDHOOD (4 Year Old Classes)    

Our 4-year-old curriculum focuses on learning preschool skills for entrance into kindergarten, which fosters intellectual, emotional, and social development. Students develop thinking and problem solving, positive behavior and resilience through interactions with their peers, teachers & classroom environment; pre-writing skills, math skills, language skills, reading skills, readiness skills and literacy skills through balanced lessons that are designed to meet the unique needs and interests of each student.

ENRICHMENT PROGRAM (3-4 Year Old Classes)    

3 to 4 years 11 months old

Children who are ready to separate and are toilet trained attend the class by themselves. Classes are designed to provide a low-anxiety environment, which incorporates multiple learning modalities such as visual (pictures and art), auditory (music and storytelling), tactile (concrete objects & cooking) and kinesthetic (movement and games) to keep children engaged and immersed in the Spanish language. The children receive a CD, home organizer and access to our online web-based programs to practice vocabulary at home.


ENRICHMENT PROGRAM (5-7 Year Old Classes)     

5 to 7.11 year old

Children participate by themselves in a total immersion setting where the main focus is on building listening skills, communication skills, reading skills and writing skills. Lessons are also designated to reinforce readiness and literacy skills. Activities include cooking lessons, music, games, and storytelling, cooking lessons, movement lessons and arts and crafts activities. The children receive a CD, binder, pencil case and access to our online web-based programs to practice vocabulary at home.


ENRICHMENT PROGRAM (8-10 Year Old Classes)     

8-10 years old

Kids participate by themselves and explore literature in Spanish in addition to learning academic skills, oral comprehension skills and conversation skills.  The lessons also incorporate science, math, and social studies lessons. Activities include arts and crafts activities, games, music, movement lessons, storytelling and cooking lessons. The kids receive a CD, binder, dictionary, pencil case and access to our online web-based programs to practice vocabulary at home.


ENRICHMENT PROGRAM (11-13 Year Old Classes)     

11-13 years old

 This class is designed for students entering the Middle School with little to no experience with the Spanish Language. Classes meet once a week for an hour and thirty minutes and are highly dynamic and interactive, placing primary focus on speaking, oral comprehension. The students receive a CD, binder, dictionary and access to our online web-based programs to practice vocabulary at home.


ENRICHMENT PROGRAM (Heritage / Advanced Speakers Classes)

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5-7 & 8-10 & 11-13 years old

This class is for students who demonstrate fast paced second language acquisition skills who need a curriculum that is designed to meet their unique needs. Students work on their speaking, reading and writing abilities with an emphasis in Latin American culture to help them move closer an intermediate level and eventually the advanced level. 


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